The data room is a valuable tool to protect company’s confidential information

virtual data in business

Virtual data rooms today have already proven themselves as comprehensive protection of confidential company data from leaks. This paper provides an overview of the most helpful data room security features.

Data room software: an integrated approach to data protection at the enterprise

Ensuring the organization’s information security is one of the priorities of the company’s administration. The reliability of information protection directly depends on its value. Traditional means of protection (antiviruses, firewalls, etc.) are currently unable to resist modern cybercriminals effectively. The organization of employees’ work with the company’s confidential information requires comprehensive measures from the information security department. Accelerating the digitalization of life, remote work of employees, and an increase in the number of communication channels – all these create new attack vectors for intruders, the purpose of which may be unauthorized access to the company’s most valuable data.

Most information security incidents are associated with the impact of internal threats – leakage and theft of information, leakage of trade secrets, and personal data of the organization’s customers. Therefore, modern companies move their deal management and business collaboration with partners and contractors into a data room workspace. So, what is virtual data room, and how does the platform work?

Digital data room is an electronic document management service that simplifies and speeds up document exchange processes and solves the issue of signing documents with a qualified signature. The data room service allows companies:

    • to automate the main business processes and data management;
    • monitor key performance indicators of the enterprise;
    • organize the interaction of departments and collaboration between contractors;
    • coordinate the activities of various departments;
    • evaluate the performance of the enterprise, individual departments, and personnel;
    • arrange secure, well-organized data repositories and protected file sharing.

Common data room benefits for secure data management

Data room solution ensures the following benefits for companies that strive to protect their confidential information and organize secure business communication:

      • Ensuring business transparency

The data room functionality allows you to provide full transparency of all business processes in the company. Heads of departments get the opportunity to control the activities of their subordinates and make the necessary adjustments to the work process. The software in the background captures all the activity of the staff at work computers. Thanks to this, you can track employees’ communication with partners and customers.

      • Control of confidential information

The data room provides complete control of the workflow and allows you to prevent the leakage of confidential information in time. The system monitors all information channels, from e-mail to instant messengers and USB devices. Along with other security tools, the service uses technology to detect the transfer of confidential information by digital watermarks. To do this, the documents that need to be controlled are analyzed, and matches with these documents are identified in the information flow. Besides, a quick search allows you to get an idea of ​​​​the storage locations and the actual levels of access to valuable corporate data.

      • General business efficiency

Although the primary purpose of the data room functionality is to protect corporate data and ensure information security in the enterprise, the system will play an essential role in working with business processes. With data room, it is possible to reduce the time of performing the same operations by different employees to a common denominator, identify the optimal algorithms for the operation of entire departments, and determine the “weak link” among the personnel.

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